Welcome to Star Crossed Daydreamer!

I am a young adult who has been dealing with mental illness for almost half my life now. I share insights into my mental illnesses through my posts as well as tips and tricks that I have found to be helpful. Not everything I post here will be about mental illness, but because it has played such a big part in my life, it will also have a large presence on my blog. Everything I post here is from my own perspective, so I do not expect it to mirror everyone’s experiences with mental illness or any of the other topics I may cover.

I started this blog because I wanted a way to anonymously share my experiences with others. I have always been a large advocate for mental health, but have always felt that the lack of anonymity on my other social media accounts kept me from sharing how I truly feel sometimes. My friends know about my mental illnesses and that I am an advocate, but I still find it hard to share my thoughts and feelings freely with them. I hope that here I can share these things that I share with very few people in my life.

I almost abandoned this blog after my first post in April, but a few weeks ago I was talking to my friend about my experiences with mental illness. She said that I should be a public speaker because my words and explanations are “powerful, important, beautiful, and insightful”. She is part of the reason that I decided to comeback to this blog after I finished finals. For her presence in my life, even if it just lasts through college, I will be forever grateful ┬ábecause she has made me feel that my story should be told, even if it is just one of many.


Star Crossed Daydreamer