The Significance of Stars

I realize that I have never explained how I chose my blog name, nor the significance it holds for me.

My blog name is Star Crossed Daydreamer.

I will be honest, I did not know what star crossed meant when I chose it as a name for my blog. For me, the combination of these words brought a sense of something stronger than me. Upon finding out what star crossed means, I am a little disheartened that it means “thwarted by bad luck”, but I guess that works for my blog too. It seems that just like everyone else, I am followed by both good and bad luck. Overall, I seem not to believe so much in luck as looking at the best in things and trying to make the most of what comes my way, no matter how hard that may be.

I had chosen star crossed, because I am obsessed with stars. I have loved the stars since I was very little, and remember staring up at them whenever we were coming home from my grandmother’s house an hour away. These drives allowed me to see the stars much better than I could at home, even though the cities we drove through were very similar to the one we lived in. Everything seemed to be lit up, and that wasn’t conducive to stargazing. When I could see the stars, I would wish on them like many others kids and though these wishes probably didn’t come true, I still love the mystery that the stars hold. Now that I am older, I find looking at the stars to be very peaceful. My family moved last year, and our new house is in a city that promotes low light pollution, so the seem brighter and more mysterious than ever before. I admit, that though I am grown, I still wish on stars every night, either the stars outside or the stars of the star projector I bought last year. I like to believe that wishes on stars can come true and it gives me a sense of hope that there is good in this chaotic world.

I also chose daydreamer, because that is a large part of what I am. I daydream because my mind naturally wanders when I get bored. I think of the future both near and far, wondering what is going to happen in my life between then and now. I know that the future is full of uncertainty, but I am looking forward to whatever it brings. I take my life one step at a time and right now my main focus is graduating from college, but I can daydream in the meantime.



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