Saving Up For Vacation

Vacation season is in full swing, so I thought I would share how I save up for vacations.

My parents always paid for everything for me when we went on vacation. They would buy me almost any souvenir I wanted within reason and made sure that I never had to worry about paying for anything.

Now that I am older, I like to take at least some responsibility for my expenses. After I turned 18 I decided that I will cover my own souvenirs. So me and my mom decided that we were going to save all the change we get will be saved up for souvenirs.

This is our method for saving up our money for vacations.


  • Mason jar or something to put loose coins in
    • I feel that mason jars are great for this because they will not crack or warp when they get full of coins. Regular size mason jars work really well.


  • Craft supplies to decorate
    • I ordered a set of “Save”, “Spend”, and “Give” vinyls off etsy. I use save for my vacation fund and spend for emergency cash.
      • The ones I have are sold on Etsy by LittleAcornsByRo, mine are the large size in purple and I love them!
  • Coin sorter and coin sleeves
  • Larger container for rolled coins

How We Save:

  1. Bring cash. (Paying for everything in cash means you get a lot more change.)
  2. Keep all your change in one spot. (We keep ours in our wallets until it starts to get heavy. When it is heavy, we put them in our mason jars.)
  3. Optional: Roll your coins! (Whenever our wallets are heavy from too many coins, we use my coin sorter to sort and roll our coins. This makes it easier to count up how much you have and when we bring it to the bank to put into our accounts before the trip, the tellers appreciate that they don’t have to spend a ton of time sorting your loose coins.)
  4. Optional: Store rolled coins in a separate container. (My mom has four small tuppers with lids from Dollar Tree and sorts her rolled coins by coin type. I have an old Disneyland popcorn bucket filled with my rolled coins (It’s heavy when it full, but the plastic is really sturdy.)
  5. Optional: Save some quarters and pennies if you tend to collect pressed pennies (the most affordable souvenir) like we do.
  6. Optional: Bring your coins to the bank and have them deposited into your account. (It is easier to have it in your account and use your card than to tote around a bunch of coins.)
  7. Make sure you have your coins and/or bank card that the money was deposited on when you leave for your trip!

Having a place to keep our loose change really made us realize how much we can save up for a trip. In approximately two years, I have saved $135.50 in change for my trip. This is only the change from purchases I make in cash though, because on campus it is much easier to use a card and not worry about change. This is plenty of souvenir money for me. Enough for a jacket or sweatshirt and some smaller souvenirs.

Though I am an adult and can do this on my own, this system could be easily adaptable for kids to teach them about saving their money and spending it wisely.

For kids they could be saving up their allowance or money that they would have spent on other things, like Dollar Tree toys or those little candy/toy dispensers that stores and some restaurants have in their arcades. This method could let your kid pick out one souvenir of whatever they want with their own money. This would be harder for younger kids who don’t yet understand money and that some things cost more than they have, but would work really well for kids 10 and up for sure, possibly a little younger if they understand savings and money and spending really well.

Another method that works for letting your kids buy souvenirs without you paying for them is gift cards for birthdays or holidays. My older cousins have had family give their kids Disney gift cards for their birthdays if they had a birthday Disneyland trip coming up. This way the kids could get whatever they wanted as long as they had money on their gift cards.

This method is fine for now and I hope to extend it to include all aspects of vacations when I am financially independent and have a full time job. I feel that this was a great way for me to start contributing to my own vacation costs.


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