My Most Common Mistake

I love books. Books are my life between when school gets out and resumes. My life during anything longer than five days, is sitting around the house reading, searching for new books, checking when books I want will be released, and buying books. I always ask for new books for Christmas. My tiny room is too small for all these books, but I find room for all the best ones.

The biggest mistake I have ever made, and also one I have ended up making more than once, is that I pick up a book that has just been published. This isn’t terrible, but that means I have to wait at least a year for the next book to come out.

It is even worse if it is a book that I ended up loving. Sometimes, the next book will have a date released a few months later for the next one. I put these on my countdown of important events and wait patiently for new books. The thing is, the first date released is usually not the actual date that the book will be released, same thing goes for movies. A book that was supposed to come out end of August (as of February), which would give me plenty of time to read it before school resumes has been pushed out to May 2018. In five months, the book release date got pushed out by nine months. I have been waiting for the author to publish another novel since June 2016, when I read the first one within a month of it coming out. It looks like I will have to wait another year before I get to read it.

Looks like it is time for me to check the library for some of the few books I have left on my Pintrest  have yet to read.


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