An Inspiration?

I have been told by several members of my family and some of my friends that I have inspired them. Some have been inspired by how open I am about my mental illness. Some are inspired by how passionately I talk about my experiences with mental illness. Others have told me that I am an inspiration for them to work on getting off their medication as well.

I am grateful that I could be an inspiration for them, but I still have a long way to come myself. I am off medication, which is great, but that also means that I am trying to learn to deal with my emotions on my own for the first time since diagnosis.

It means I find myself crying easier, for both good and bad things. I find myself getting irritated easily, and I tend to get upset that I let it get to me so easily.

I also find that it is often easier for me to redirect myself when I start to feel depressed and I find myself feeling better faster. I blog or listen to music or read and if the weather is nice I can go outside and take a walk.

I have realized that I have a sense of humor that has been starting to show itself lately. I can also be incredibly sassy. 🙂

I am no longer constantly overwhelmed by my depression or anxiety. I am slowly getting better at managing it. I have had more days that are neutral or good. This means I am having fewer bad days, and for once, I am starting to feel like myself.

Normal used to be that I was tired, antisocial, and depressed. I am slowly making progress. I have more energy and feel that I am starting to be more social. I am learning more about myself, my brain, and how to deal with this new “normal”.

I owe a great thank you to everyone who has supported my journey thus far and to everyone who inspired me. You have helped me make big changes and I look forward to seeing who I will become.



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