Similar, Yet Different

I have told you guys how I have a lot of the same mental illnesses as my dad. Well, there is one thing that makes us extremely different.

He is more extroverted, loves talking to strangers and meeting new people, but he hates practically every member of our family. On both sides.

I am very much introverted. I can be outgoing, but I find it hard.I would rather stay home and read than socialize most days and I have only a few friends that I stay close with.Despite being social not being something I love, if it is for my family, I will go. I want to remain close to our family as much as possible. Even though I don’t agree with all the decisions they make, I love them with all my heart.

I try my best to make it to every event we are invited to, from birthday parties for my youngest cousins to summer visits, but it is hard with school during the year. And even if I wanted to go see them during the summer, my dad wouldn’t drive me because then he would be stuck there and my mom works a full time job.

I guess I take after my mom more in this regard because though she has lost contact with her cousins, she tries to make sure me and my sister still get to spend time with ours. I am grateful for my cousins who still invite us over for their kids birthdays and that everyone still makes an effort to have Christmas together. My sad hates these family events, but they are some of my favorite times of the year.

I don’t know when my dad went from loving our family to avoiding it like the plague, but I hope that I never take after him in that regard. I hope that I get to stay close to my family.


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