Book Nerd Question

Hello fellow readers!

So I was wondering, have you fell in love with a certain author? Or a certain series?

It seems I have done this in three different ways.

  1. I love everything that I have read from the author and always look forward to the next novel.
  2. I love everything an author writes in one specific genre.
  3. I love a series that has books that can be read alone and have several different authors.

Example 1: I love Rick Riordan books. I started with Percy Jackson and the Olympians in 8th grade and ask for his newest novel every year for Christmas. These books are some of my favorites and reside on the one tiny shelf I have for books. I have read all the Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus, Kane Chronicles, and I am keeping up with Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard. I look forward to reading the Trials of Apollo series as well.

Example 2: The Kendra Chronicles series and related books by Alex Flinn. I love these retold fairytales, especially the one in the Kendra Chronicles series. I have tried to read one of Flinn’s novels that are not of the fairytale genre, but found it very dark and could not bring myself to read the rest of that novel, let alone any of the others.

Example 3: The Once Upon a Time series. I stumbled upon these books on Amazon and could purchase eight of the stories for $20, so I decided to take the risk. Most of the ones I read have been by Cameron Dokey, but I also borrowed some from the library from a few of the other authors. This series is cool because you can see the differences in writing style between the different authors, and some authors tend to have similar traits between their characters.

So have any of you fallen in love with an author or series like I have?


Also, I am open to new author/series suggestions, especially for retellings of fairytales. I do tend to shy away from books with darker themes because they tend to make my  anxiety and depression a little worse. Some of the other authors/series/books I like are listed in my My Escape post.


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