Thanks Dad

So I am not as close with my dad as I am with my mom. He worked a lot when I was little and I didn’t really know him until he became unemployed almost 9 years ago. I am sad to say I have told him that he doesn’t contribute to the family before, often when I was worried about our family financially. Since then, he tries to help the best he can and even though he can’t contribute much, he is trying.

Me and my mom believe that I got a lot of my mental illness from my dad. We both have depression and anxiety, and we tend to have “off” days around the same time. This can be hard on my mom because she is trying to help both of us when we get randomly depressed. I am not sure if me or my dad has worse anxiety/depression, but I do know that we have some of the same ways of dealing with it.

Anyways, this isn’t about who has worse mental illness.

This post is a big thank you to my dad. My dad is an amazing guy even though he can drive me crazy, and he tries to help me deal with my mental illness the best he can, even while dealing with his own. He knows how to help calm me down during panic attacks and reminds me that everything is going to be okay when it feels like my world is falling apart. He tries to help whenever he can and understands that sometimes I need space, while others times I need comfort.

Considering he was working all the time when I was first diagnosed, he has been a big part of my support system and his involvement in my mental health has grown the longer he has worked from home.

He drives me to school when he can and gives me his spare change and even if all he can do to help me sometimes is listen, he does that. I am thankful for having him in my life.


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