Any Advice?

So when I get anxious, I quickly move from anxious to depressed to wanting to cry. Does anyone have any advice as to how you stop this type of downward cycle?

I went through this same cycle often when I was on medications, so I am familiar with it, but I don’t like having my anxiety control me in this way.


2 thoughts on “Any Advice?”

  1. I’ve heard it described to me in this way: There’s primary pain and secondary pain. In other words, the pain you feel from being hurt/afraid/etc, and then the pain you feel from your thoughts about the first pain. For you, the primary pain is the anxiety. The secondary pain is that you are thinking being anxious is something you want to resist and wish didn’t control you, but you can’t shake it, so you become depressed and discouraged because of the way you’re thinking about your primary pain, and you cry. Maybe that’s not what’s happening, I don’t mean to wrongly assume. But it’s definitely what I go through. I’ve found when I allow myself to just be anxious without hating or punishing myself for feeling anxious, then I have less secondary pain, which means I recover more quickly. So maybe next time you feel anxious or sad, just let yourself be that way. Tell yourself it’s okay, and these feelings are temporary, and they’re welcome to stay until they’re ready to go. And they will go eventually. You will balance back out just as you always do. I hope this provides so help ❤


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