A Memory To Keep

After having Thanksgiving dinner with my mom’s side of the family, I remembered one of my favorite parts about going to visit my maternal grandparents house when I was little.

It seems that for as long as I could remember, my grandparents would have rock hard ice cream in their freezer. My Nonno loved chocolate ice cream, and his grandchildren did too. Whenever we went, we would eat our lunch or dinner (usually we went for dinner back then) and then go back to playing. One of our moms would come downstairs to the spare room we played in and ask if we wanted ice cream. All grandchildren present (usually either three or all four of us) would run up the stairs as fast as we could. We would grab bowls or mugs, whatever we could find, and scoop the too hard ice cream with a tablespoon, which of course would bend under the pressure. Our moms would sigh and help us out so we wouldn’t ruin all the spoons. Usually, they had chocolate ice cream, sometimes we got stuck with neapolitan. If it was indeed neapolitan, we would scoop out all the chocolate first, then vanilla, and we usually left the strawberry there. We would all happily work on our ice cream and return to playing.

If we asked for ice cream, we would first have to check that there would be enough for Nonno. If he only had one container and it was almost empty, we left it for him and would settle for some cookies or another treat Nonna had in the house.

As our Nonno got older, his stomach became more and more sensitive, and I can’t recall the last time we had ice cream at their house, it had been a few good years, because as his stomach changed, ice cream was no longer enjoyable for him.

But the memories me and my sister have of going to Nonno and Nonna’s house and having ice cream with our cousins are some of my favorites. I will hold on to these memories and hopefully I will one day have kids who will be able to make their own memories like this.


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