Middle of Nowhere

I believe I have mentioned before that my family moved out to the town where the college me and my sister go to. If not, well now you know.

Anyways, I thought you might be entertained to learn my thoughts of this town before and after moving here.


I didn’t even know the name of the city. I knew we would travel through it every year or two to go to one of my family’s (like my whole family, grandparents, parents, cousins, great aunts and uncles <– their kids and grandkids too. literally every family member who resided in the area that would be less than a two hour drive from us, with traffic!) favorite vacation stops. I would either be asleep or would quickly fall asleep after seeing the water tower that happens to be located on the edge of campus and visible from the freeway.

When I was a little older, we drove from our house to the town right before my current town because my dad wanted to go to a specific steakhouse. I thought the drive took forever, especially because we were just going to a restaurant.

Within the next few years, I went to a concert in the same neighboring town as the steakhouse. I remembered the steakhouse, but again felt like we were going to the middle of nowhere. I vividly remember thinking exactly that, “We are in the middle of nowhere.”

When it came time to look at colleges, I had no idea where this school, the school my cousin transferred to do her undergraduate and her and her husband moved out there like three years before I was touring colleges. It was not in my mental map.

Until I toured the campus, I had no intention on going to this college. I had my sights set on another closer to my childhood home. But when I went on the tour, everything changed. Even though I toured in October and it was 90 degrees (F) outside and the campus was HUGE, I fell in love. Of course I wasn’t positive of that until I toured my previous “dream school” only to find that it was crowded and hectic and the city was chaos.


My school has a large campus with many open areas to study or relax and even when its super hot outside, or when the storms roll in and start to flood our flat city, it is beautiful. Some areas of the larger city are nicer than others, but that happens with any city. Surrounding the school is a very nice area with a large downtown for students to explore. The area we live in is very quiet, many of our neighbors are older couples or families. One of our neighbors is a husband and wife who are both professors at my college. Everyone pretty much keeps to themselves, and almost everyone is friendly.

There is low light pollution, so at night if the sky is clear, you can see all of the stars. The area I live in has green strips and a massive park near the elementary school. It’s a beautiful area to walk around and get away from your thoughts. If you take another route, you might end up at our pond, which is full of trees and reeds and dries up in the summers, but fills up when the winter storms come. It’s beautiful year round.

In the summer, a majority of the college students leave, so it’s very quiet downtown. A majority of the students also leave on breaks, so it is great to go Black Friday shopping at Target because the only ones there are some of the moms of younger kids who live here.

We do not have a mall, the nearest mall is 30 minutes away, so we either go to stores in our city and the surrounding cities, or we stop at the mall when we go to visit my grandparents.

But you know what, I am happier living here than I was in the city I used to live in. Here the air smells cleaner and nature has its own place, so it doesn’t go creeping into your house. Most people are nice, and they care a lot about our earth. If you ever get bored, there are so many things to do in town or just a short drive away. We have farmer’s markets and fruit stands and so much fresh produce grown in and around the city. College students bike or bus or walk more than they drive.

Here, things are the perfect balance between quiet and exciting, depending which you like, and I hope that I get to live here for a long time.


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