Stressed Without Realizing

So I have been under a lot of stress lately. Some of the reasons I was able to identify off the top f my head, but I am afraid that there are some that I’m still unaware of.

To start us off, I got a terrible cold last week, like I thought it was just allergies or something, but I got major sinus inflammation and a terrible cough. My head feels better, but the cough is lingering.

Second, it is week 10. I had my big paper due last week, but still have smaller papers and assignments due this week. AND THEN WE HAVE FINALS. Honestly, I am not to (consciously) stressed about finals because I have been doing well in all my classes so far this quarter and will hopefully do well enough on my finals to keep my current grades. I’m in my senior year, finals are usually not that bad.

Third, it is winter holiday season, for me that means Christmas. I am not stressed about the actual holidays because we spend Christmas Eve at one aunt’s house and Christmas day with the other this year, so no hosting for us. But this will be the first Christmas without my maternal grandfather and even though he passed almost ten months ago I still really miss him. I’ve been missing him a lot more lately and I think it might be cause the holidays are coming up.

Fourth, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This is a thing that happens to me, and lots of others, and this is my first year since before my diagnoses that I am going through the holidays without medications. I am just really down, especially at night, and I want to cry. Singing in the shower helps with this temporarily.

Fifth, my mom has another business trip when I go back to school in January. Might be stressed about that, might not, can’t tell, but certainly wouldn’t be surprised if I am already stressed about that because my brain does that kind of stuff all the time.

Six, I officially started my grad school application today. It’s terrifying because this can determine what I do with my life for the year after my graduation. I am applying to the program at my current college because it is one of the best. I have all the prerequisites finished and my GPA is higher than they want, but it’s still scary.

These are just the ones off the top of my head. I could probably think of three or four more, but I don’t really want to. Currently I am trying to get into aromatherapy and got a little diffuser for my room. I like peppermint, but I tend to lean towards lavender more.

If any of you have tips with how you deal with stress, please let me know.




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