How I Feel About: Frozen

So it’s 2017, and Disney’s Frozen is still one of the most popular Disney movies right now.

Frozen came out in theaters while my family was on a trip to Disneyland for Thanksgiving in 2013. Overnight, all the little girls were wearing Frozen gear, it was kinda cool. I didn’t want to get into the hype, because I prided myself on not going to a movie theater for a few years at that point, but I heard so much good stuff about it that I went to see Frozen in January 2014. I liked it, a story about sisters, no prince came in to save the day, etc. I admit, I played “Let It Go” on repeat for quite a while, but within a few months I was starting to be over Frozen. I would listen to “Let It Go” every now and then because for some reason, I loved that song.

Anyways, the next year Big Hero 6 came out and became one of my favorites because it mentions (not directly) mental health and Baymax became a loved character quickly. Big Hero 6 and the Pirates of the Caribbean series were added to Tangled in the list of movies I wanted to watch when I had a bad day, usually being depressed and stressed out about school.

Every now and then I would want to watch Frozen, like once a year, and when we were at Disneyland this summer we saw the Frozen live at the Hyperion twice because I love musicals and theater. Since then, I have found myself wanting to listen to Frozen more and more, sometimes listening to the soundtrack on repeat as I do my homework and I believe I know why.

It has been theorized that Elsa is characterized in a way that is reflective of depression. And I see it. I see the loneliness and wanting to be left alone, feeling that you are bad for others. I had read about this theory not long after seeing Frozen the first time.

Now, I see myself in both Anna and Elsa. When I am depressed, or even just a little down, “Let It Go” or “Life’s Too Short” (A song that was deleted from the movie) are what I want to listen to on repeat. Even on good days, “Let It Go” and the rest of the movie soundtrack are songs I like to listen to because “Let It Go” makes me feel empowered when I am not depressed, and I also feel that I have a lot of quirks like Anna does when I am happy and carefree. I see myself in both of these characters at times, and feel that the emotions the characters express in the movie are portrayed in a way that makes these characters so relatable.

Yes, I like Frozen. Yes, I am an adult. Yes, I have mental illness. Yes, I am a Disney kid.

And you know what, I feel that being raised with Disney movies with their fairytale stories, awesome messages (especially the newer generation of Disney), and relatable characters is what makes Disney something that helps me to cope with some of my hardest days. It doesn’t make you overthink, the music is ridiculously hard not to sing along to, and if all else fails I can watch it absentmindedly and still keep the bad thoughts away. Disney is one of my coping mechanisms and will always be a source of magic for me.


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