Need More Books

So I have finished finals (and already got all my grades back!). That means my Winter Break is in full swing. So I have been trying to enjoy my time off.

For me, that means books! Lots and lots of books.

I have already finished one book, a book that the teachers at my internship read to the class. I had heard a chapter here and a chapter there, but I needed to know how it ended. The book was Operation Redwood by S Terrell French. It is one of two from my internship that I had wanted to read, but the only one my public library had. Anyways, really good book. I read it in three days and that is while I continued to go to my internship for four hours a day.

The problem is, I have run out of books to read. I have read all the books I currently own by my favorite authors, and have asked for many more for Christmas. I kept asking my sister for books when she said she didn’t know what to get, but I don’t think she wanted to get me books. I asked my mom for some too, and she always gets me at least one. I can’t wait to see which one(s) I get.

I feel that part of the reason I love reading so much is because it helps to keep my focused on the story and my brain from focusing on everything else. I read to escape. One of the downsides of the quarter system is that I have so much work to complete for school in such a small amount of time, that I have no time to read books other than my textbooks. Maybe this wouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t procrastinate or get distracted so easily. I look forward to my breaks as a chance to read the stories I want to read, and it always seems there is another book on my list that I want to check off.

I wish you all a happy and safe holiday!


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