Always Close to My Heart

In 2016, I lost one grandfather. In 2017, I lost my other grandfather. It was really hard for me to deal with their deaths, especially because we expected to have a few more months with the grandfather who passed in 2017. We lost them one day short of six full months apart.

Since losing my grandfathers, I had been looking for some way to feel like they are with me always. I have a shirt from each of them, so I could/can make memory pillows. One is done, but I haven’t gotten around to the other. But I still felt like it wasn’t enough. I kept searching for something that could work. I found rhinestone charms I could add to necklaces I already wear, but I didn’t love any of them.

As Christmas drew closer, I began to feel more depressed and started to miss my grandfathers more. I was searching online when I finally found something that looked like it would work. My aunt was driving me crazy for what I wanted for Christmas, so when I told my mom I was interested in a living memory necklace, my mom relayed the information.

A living memory necklace is like a locket, but with glass panels on the front and back. I got one that screws shut (magnet closures tend to pop open) and my aunt also got me a set of birthstones. I put in my grandfathers’ birthstones and while the set of stones we ordered are a little on the small side, I love how I can have both my grandfathers with me wherever I go. The necklace is simple, small, and elegant.

Something I found surprising is that nobody has asked me what it is. My mom and sister know, but nobody else yet. I have seen some of my family members, but nobody seems to notice. I told my mom that I was surprised and she said that they probably either don’t realize what it is, or they don’t want to ask.

I am so happy that I finally have something I can wear everyday that reminds me that my grandfathers are always with me. I know that most people my age probably wouldn’t want to wear something like this, but for me it reminds me of two people who were such big parts of my life and it helps me to remember of all the good memories we shared.


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